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Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual Launch

New Year, new skin care! Our beauty fairy godmother Charlotte Tilbury is releasing the perfect pick me up in time for the post-festive season slump. We all know once the holidays are overall we want to do is detox and look after ourselves after all the overindulgence.

Charlotte Tilbury is launching the Goddess Cleansing Ritual. This is essentially a two-step regime which helps to draw out impurities and puts back glowing goddess. It contains two 75ml products a citrus-infused cleanser and a purifying bamboo charcoal cleanser plus a muslin cloth.

Luckily, I have all the details here so you know where to find your post-party season pick-me-up...

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual - Citrus Oil Radiance Cleanse Highlights

  • Oil-based that gently melts away makeup

  • Reveals fresher, glowing skin

  • Enriched with vitamin C to brighten skin and boost collagen

  • Improves the appearance of tone and texture

  • Contains bacuri butter, rose, bergamot and lemon essential oils

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual - Purifying Charcoal Cleanse Highlights
  • A purifying bamboo charcoal cleanser

  • Cleans deep down to draw out impurities from clogged pores

  • Leaves skin feeling super clean and fresh

  • Removes everyday pollution

  • Contains activated Himalayan charcoal and Nordic Peat extract

The products are numbered so it's super easy to know which order to use them in. Charlotte recommends using the Citrus Oil cleanser first of all. Apply to the face to remove makeup and then wipe away with the damp muslin cloth provided. Next apply the charcoal cleanser to wet skin. It's best to use warm water as it will open pores and have them ready for the charcoal to draw out impurities. Massage the charcoal cleanser into the skin until it turns white and foamy. Simply wash off.
The Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Cleansing Ritual will be available HERE from Boxing Day 26 December and worldwide 3 January for £32.50. If you are already super excited you can sign up to the waitlist HERE.
Will this be part of your post Christmas detox?
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