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Say Hello to OHH! - The Superhero Body Care Line Exclusively at H&M

Do you ever feel like your daily routine could use a little extra superpower? Well, guess what? H&M Beauty has got your back (and your body) with their brand new person care brand, OHH! (Oh Hey Hero).

OHH! (Oh Hey Hero) Review

Launching exclusively with H&M Beauty from 20 April 2023, OHH! is a collection of 10 everyday vegan body care essentials designed specifically for Gen Z. The collection features a range of products that make daily routines more comfortable and enjoyable, from a functional moisturizing stick to a body lotion, a clarifying body serum, body wash, razor, shaving gel, anti-odour spray, antiperspirant roll-on, hand cream, and body scrub.

OHH! (Oh Hey Hero) Review

OHH! is all about elevating your everyday beauty routine. The products are designed to be effective, with smart application formats and eye-catching packaging that help you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Plus, all the products are vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about using them on your body.

The product line includes:

  • Little Champ Functional Moisturizing Stick, £7.99

  • Little Mx Magic Body Lotion, £6.99

  • Clear Up Charlie Clarifying Body Serum, £7.99

  • Prom Clean Body Wash, £4.99

  • The Caretaker Razor, £7.99

  • Skin Saver Sidekick Shaving Gel, £7.99

  • Smells Like Rainbows Anti-Odor Spray, £7.99

  • Smells & Whistles Anti-Perspirant Roll-On, £4.99

  • Wonder Kid Hand Cream, £3.99

  • Get Into The Smooth Body Scrub, £7.99

OHH! (Oh Hey Hero) Review

I've been able to try out the Prom Clean Body Wash and Little Mx Magic Body Lotion from the new OHH! beauty.

The Prom Clean Body Wash is a great way to start the day - it leaves my skin feeling soft, clean, and refreshed. The citrus notes give it a bright and energizing scent. I also appreciate that it doesn't leave any residue on my skin, so I feel truly clean after my shower.

OHH! (Oh Hey Hero) Prom Clean Body Wash UK Review

As for the Little Mx Magic Body Lotion, it's become a staple in my daily routine. With the lightweight formula, it absorbs quickly into my skin, so I can put clothes on right away without feeling greasy or sticky. The hydrating properties of jojoba and shea butter have really made a difference in how my skin feels. It has a very delicate, fresh fragrance, that is not overpowering and reminds me of holidays!

OHH! (Oh Hey Hero) Little Mx Magic Body Lotion UK Review

Here is a look at both formulas:

OHH! (Oh Hey Hero) Little Mx Magic and Prom Clean Body Wash UK Review Review

Overall, I'm really happy with these two products from OHH! - they're affordable and effective. Get ready to unleash your inner hero with OHH! (Oh Hey Hero), exclusively available HERE at H&M Beauty from 20 April 2023.

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