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The Blenderelle. Do You Need One?

Since it's launch in 2007 the BeautyBlender has become one of our holy grail products and there isn't a makeup bag without at least one. Although it's fantastic at helping us achieve a flawless complexion it isn't without its own flaws. The BeautyBlender is actually quite the bacteria magnet. One of the ideal conditions for assisting bacteria to grow is moisture - what do you do with your BeautyBlender every day? Dampen it? Along with the material of the BeautyBlender thrown in with a little heat during the summer months and you have yourself a bacteria hot spot growing in your makeup bag or dressing table.

The ingenious minds at NYC Designed based in the USA saw this issue and created the Blenderelle which is a storage case for your BeautyBlender or sponge. The Blenderelle is a pretty, tulip shaded design and the perfect size to fit your sponge in. The flower design cut out to the side looks pretty, but it actually serves a purpose and that is for ventilation so your beauty sponge can dry out effectively. It is made from durable antimicrobial plastic which prevents bacteria growth and odour - so clever! The case just twists open and shut and you can pop it into your bag or leave it to look pretty on your dressing table. You can see it in action below:

Unsurprisingly, The Blenderelle has been given many 4 and 5 star reviews by consumers.

I have been road testing the ones that NYC Designed very kindly sent to me for a little over a month now. To be honest it's become a necessity. I think at first you feel, do I really need to spend money on a case for my beauty sponge? But the answer is yes! Once you have, you will for sure be glad you did. It's the perfect travel companion for festivals, holidays, gym, work, in fact when ever you are on the go. It is also a great size to fit into any makeup bag or case. Keeping everything protected and clean. Practicalities aside, it is also a really charming addition to your dressing table.

The Blenderelle storage case is available in metallic pink or pearly cream and is available HERE at Amazon for just £12. All orders are fulfilled by to save our pennies on international shipping.

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