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Makeup Revolution Kabuki Brush Review

It's a tough job getting me to ditch the BeautyBlender to apply my makeup. However, when I saw @Sophdoesnails on the Makeup Revolution Instagram page using this, I really wanted to try it for myself.

The Makeup Revolution Kabuki Brush is a new addition to their range and launched just a week or so ago. The oval Kabuki Brush is in an on trend copper hue. It claims to "enable swift and easy application of powdered makeup products" and is "excellent for powder, blush and bronzing as well as cream products". However, on its actual packaging, it also claims that it can also be used to apply foundation. With this, I am assuming they are referring to liquid formulas.

On first impressions this hand held brush is nicely weighted with lovely soft bristles which are densely packed. It fits perfectly into the palm of the hand and has a depression on the top to assist grip.

Now for the road test, does it apply my makeup flawlessly? I primed my face with my usual primer and then went on to use Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup foundation. The application was nice and quick due to the fair size of the brush. It applied beautifully to the large areas of my face e.g. the cheeks, chin and forehead. However, the nose was where I experienced difficulties. No matter how much foundation I applied it seemed to swipe away and I was left with nothing to the bridge of my nose. In the end, I had to resort to getting the BeautyBlender out to correct this. I then went on to apply my powder which is the Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. The kabuki brush picked up the powder well from the compact and applied it very nicely to the face.

I decided to road test this for a second time the following day. This time, using a different foundation formula to see if it performed better. I used the Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid. This formula has a thicker consistency than the Urban Decay foundation. The brush applied this foundation so much better and I had no issues with coverage on the nose. I then went on to apply my powder, bronzer and blusher. It picked each product up well and it was so easy to apply, quick and blended nicely.

I actually really like this kabuki brush. One thing that I love is that it makes application very quick. Making it perfect for when you're dashing off to work, school etc. So it certainly lives up to its claim. It feels great on the face as it's so soft and dense. The only time you may run into issues is if you are using this to apply a foundation with quite a watery consistency. However, I really do recommend getting one and trying it out for yourself.

The Makeup Revolution Kabuki Brush costs £9.99 and can be purchased HERE.

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