• Jess Lowe

Sample Beauty Warm Eyeshadow Palette Review

When you think of a Morphe dupe what do you think of? Cheap Chinese knock-off? Ashy shadows? Something breaking in your hands?

Well, Sample Beauty offer none of those things, you'll be glad to hear! Like you, I am always dubious when people say 'dupe'. You're concerned that the quality is compromised and not up to par to a brand we have come to trust.

Sample Beauty offer some palettes which look pretty much identical to social influencer favourite brand Morphe. A lot of my friends on social media were raving about them. So, I decided I had to give them a try myself.

Here I have the Sample Beauty Warm palette which is based on the Morphe cult favourite 35O palette which I also have so I can compare the quality of the two. As you can see they do have an almost identical shade selection.

Pictured (LtoR): Sample Beauty Warm Palette and Morphe brushes 35O palette.

The Warm palette is made of sturdy black plastic which certainly doesn't feel flimsy in the hand. The palette itself contains 35 scorched neutral tones in shimmer and matte finishes. It is a go-to palette that is great for all year round. On first impressions the shadows are soft and full of pigment.

Pictured: Sample Beauty Warm Palette

When testing these on the eyes they are easy to apply, buildable and blend effortlessly. There is some fall out from the palette, but no more or less than you would usually expect and I would say is fairly equivalent to the Morphe palette. However, it's not one of these eyeshadow palettes that make huge a mess on your face with fall out! I feel that the shimmer and mattes all performed equally to each other.

I wore the shadows for a night out and they lasted very well. There was no awful fading or embarrassing makeup disaster.

Now, I have some swatches to show you. I have swatched a group of shimmer and mattes - I did as many as I could fit onto one arm by myself!

Pictured: Sample Beauty Warm Palette Matte shades no flash.

Pictured: Sample Beauty Warm Palette Matte shades with flash.

Pictured: Sample Beauty Warm Palette Shimmer shades no flash.

Pictured: Sample Beauty Warm Palette Shimmer shades with flash.

Pictured: Sample Beauty Warm Palette Shimmer shades with flash.

As you can see this palette really has the pigment and colour packed in. Overall, I think these are brilliant for the price. The quality certainly matches that to other more well known palettes we love. I think this palette in particular, is a staple in your collection that can be used all year round so a great investment.

The Sample Beauty Warm Palette costs £15 and is available HERE.

You can also save 10% using code: FYIBEAUTY at checkout.

What are your thoughts on this palette? Will you be grabbing one?

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