• Jess Lowe

£5 Dupe For The Jeffree Star Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette

We have all noticed that "drugstore" beauty brands have really stepped it up a gear. We can now find a lot of quality makeup products which work well and have a more inclusive shade range than ever before. I have even found myself switching from the more high-end foundations in favour of those found in Boots - but, that's a whole other blog post.

British high street favourites Primark have also grown their PS Beauty range with many of their products hailed as heroes by beauty fans.

With this turn around it means we can get the same look from our high street as we can from spending major pounds on high-end. I think that I may have bagged a pretty good dupe from PRIMARK for the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette.

The PS Beauty Lunar Glow palette costs a budget-friendly £5. From the outside, it may not look anything like Jeffree's Skin Frost Pro Palette but the shades really caught my eye as being similar.

Before anyone points it out I am aware that the Lunar Glow palette has 4 shades versus the Pro Palette 6. Which means there isn't a dupe for every shade in the palette. What the Lunar Glow does offer is that it can help you achieve the same look without the spend! For an added bonus the comparable shades in Lunar Glow are Platinum Ice palette exclusives.

I have both palettes here to compare today. So let's do some swatching...

Lunar Glow verses Platinum Ice

Each palette contains duochrome shades which can be used on the complexion, eyes and even body. Each palette contains the same amount of product per pan - 7g. This equates to £1.35 per Lunar Glow pan compared to £5.83 per pan in the Platinum Ice. The JSC Platinum Ice palette contains a mirror and the Lunar Glow doesn't.

Lunar Glow Opaline verses Platinum Ice Pink Chill

They both appear almost white in the pan but once applied have a pale pink shift. I would say that Pink Chill is a little more glittery and pigmented. Opaline is easily buildable to achieve the same finish.

Lunar Glow Backlight verses Platinum Ice Alien Ice

Both shades have a pastel green finish. Again, I would say that Alien Ice is slightly more shimmery. Backlight is more subtle but can be built up to reproduce the look.

Lunar Glow Chroma verses Platinum Ice Glacier

Each shade has a silverly, pale blue shine. Chroma for me has the best formula of the entire Lunar Glow. It's highly reflective and smooth. Glacier is slightly denser to work with and tends to clump together. It is not glittery at all and is very creamy.

Overall Thoughts...

If you are looking for some quality, easily workable, duochrome shades to add to your collection then the Lunar Glow at £5 is perfect. The palettes packaging is also really pretty, coated in silver glitter. To me, the duochrome shades are really comparable to those found in the JSC Platinum Ice.

The Jeffree Star Skin Frost Pro Palette is a must if you are yet to try out the cult skin frost formula.

You can find the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Skin Frost Pro Palette in Platinum Ice in the UK and Europe HERE for £35. The Lunar Glow can be found in Primark Stores across the country for £5.

What do you think? Are these shades a good dupe?



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