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MAC Fix Plus Shimmer Review

MAC has just released a new capsule collection and our essential Fix+ has had a glittering makeover.

Glowing complexions and strobing are most certainly here to stay and this summer will be no exception. This season we see the trend moving from the face to the entire body. Adding shimmer to everywhere on the complexion particularly decolletage, shoulders, legs and arms has been a red carpet secret for decades. It's how the likes of J Lo and other superstars emit that glow from within.

The MAC Strobe Collection sees the arrival of two new Prep+Prime Fix+ formulas containing shimmer. These come in two shade variations Goldlite and Pinklite. I think it's essential to think out of the box with these. Don't envisage spraying glitter on your face, think enhancing your natural radiance.

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ Shimmer Product Highlights

  • Infused with pearlescent particles

  • Soothing, hydrating and refreshing mist

  • Improves the wear of makeup for up to 12 hours

  • Ultra-illuminating effect to the skin

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals

These are a mikly coloured formula packed with the pearl pigments. If you love an illuminated glow you can use this to prime the skin before makeup. For the ultimate dewy complexion you could spritz over makeup concentrating on the high points of the face. I think these are also going to be fabulous for enhancing sun kissed skin, especially if you are venturing to hotter climes. Misting these over literally anywhere on the body will really provide you with the ultimate radiance.

I love to use MACs Fix+ (coconut is my absolute favourite - in case you were wondering) to solve 'cakey' looking makeup or if I feel I've gone overboard with the powder. I feel that this version of the product would be perfect for de-mattifying your look.

The effect of these is fairly subtle, but of course, you can build this up. Pinklite is the most subtle - so no need to be afraid of the pink shade. I consider both shades to be universal and certainly can work for everyone.

MAC Fix Plus Shimmer in Goldlite

MAC Fix Plus Shimmer in Goldlite

MAC Fix Plus Shimmer in Pinklite

MAC Fix Plus Shimmer in Pinklite

Just a few tips. When sprayed there is A LOT of product dispersed at once, so just be aware of that. Especially if your spraying over a freshly made-up face. Also, it takes a good few minutes to totally dry down on to the skin.

If I had to pick one shade from the two I would certainly recommend Goldlite.

The MAC Strobe Collection which includes the Prep + Prime Fix + Shimmer is available now HERE for £19 each. I understand it will be rolled out globally over the next few months.

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Have you tried these out yet? Let me know below.



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