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Sample Beauty The Cult Palette Review & Swatches

Emerging British indie makeup brand Sample Beauty has just launched their debut eyeshadow palette. If you're a fan of seriously pigmented eyeshadows then you'll want to pay attention.

After months of waiting Sample Beauty's The Cult Palette is finally here! The brand is waving goodbye to private label products and this is their first totally individual creation. What makes it seriously unique is that their customers and community have been involved in the design of the palette. The Liverpool based Sample Beauty team asked which shades their community would love to see in a palette and collated all the information to put together The Cult Palette.

One of the things which really stood out to me during The Cult Palette campaign was the fact that in all of the photos and videos not one of the models had been retouched. It is so refreshing to have ethics like this coming into the cosmetics industry! It really makes me think GIRL POWER!

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette Video Reveal

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette Features:

  • 18 eyeshadow shades

  • 12 matte shadows

  • 6 shimmer shadows

  • New formula to easily mix shades to create new ones

  • Created by the Sample Beauty community

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette Outer Packaging

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette

The Cult Palette comes in sleek, black packaging with a lovely pop of contrasting red. The palette has a strong magnetic close and is perfectly sized for effortless travel. The formula is insanely pigmented and the shadows are ultra creamy. I know we hear everyone say this about almost everything these days, but let me promise you the pigment in this palette is the real deal. One light dip of your brush is all that is required. The shimmer shades are smooth and highly reflective. The only drawback is there is a fair amount of fall out but that isn't really a huge issue for myself. Just be aware especially if you do your face before eyes. The palette contains a great range of shades from warm neutrals to bright pops of colour making it so versatile.

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette

One of the fun benefits to The Cult Palette is that the shadows have been formulated to mix together to create custom shades. On the website it suggests adding pink and blue to create purple so I thought I'd give it a go. You can see my result below. I just did this very quickly whilst I was playing around but I am sure you can get a more intense shade or adjust it by adding more pigment. It is really fun to mix shades! This feature is not something I have seen before and adds to more benefits to an already extremely varied product. With there being a white and black shadow I'd also like to try lightening or intensify shades. I'd be so interested to see the shades others manage to create by mixing.

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette Mix of Shades

You can literally create infinite looks with The Cult Palette. My favourite shades are the bright blue, orange and hot pink. I also love the nude tan shade last on the top row along with the shimmer shade second on the top row.

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette First Two Rows

Sample Beauty The Cult Palette Last Row

Overall, I just love the versatility of this palette. The pigment is amazing and there is a great balance of mattes and shimmers. As these shadows are so smooth and velvety they blend like a dream making them ideal for people who may not be so confident at applying eyeshadow and pros alike. I am really looking forward to the products they release in the future.

If you haven't tried Sample Beauty now is THE time. You can find The Cult Palette HERE for £24.95. I have also have a code: FYIBEAUTY which can be entered at checkout for an added bonus 10% off.

Let me know below if you've already tried this palette out?


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