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Amour Noir Magnetic Face Mask Review

We are finally getting some warmer temperatures here in the UK and it's time to get the complexion summer ready. In the summertime, we like to show off more skin especially if we are off somewhere tropical and humid. We need to ensure that our skin is in peak condition.

The world of skincare and beauty are always innovating the next big thing. The Amour Noir Magnetic Face Mask is probably one of the oddest skincare products I have come across! I am sure you will have seen these on Instagram, it's the face mask which is removed using a hand-held magnetic device. The Amour Noir Magnetic Face Mask is a favourite of celebrities such as Megan Mckenna, Katie Price and Charlotte Crosby. It promises to rid the pores of impurities using magnetic technology.

I am so curious to try this out and find out if it's just a gimmick or genius.

Amour Noir Magnetic Face Mask Features:

  • Active minerals from the Dead Sea effectively cleanse and detoxify skin

  • Contains a potent combination of essential oils

  • Formulated with brightening Pearl Powder, which aids regeneration of collagen in the skin

  • Moisturising Shea Butter and Bees Wax ensures the complexion is left soft and supple

  • Contains iron powder for removal via magnetic device

  • Leaves a discreet layer of essential oils that act as a barrier against external environmental aggressors including pollution

  • Vegan & cruelty free

The packaging of the face mask is very luxe. It comes in it's own large box complete with magnetic hand-held device and mask applicator.

To apply you simply apply a thin layer of the mask - it has to be thin otherwise you will be there forever trying to remove it using the magnet (oops!). Relax and leave the mask to work it's magic for 5-10 minutes. Then it's time for the fun part! Cover the magnetic hand-held device with a tissue and hover it over the face. Glide it around and the mask will instantly stick to the magnet until it's all removed. You can then massage the excess oils into the skin. You can also remove these but you may have to use a cleanser and not just plain water. But do note, that you will be washing away the essential oils that act as barrier to protect the skin. It does leave your skin fairly oily so I would definitely recommend using this at night rather than before you start your day.

The mask definitely leaves your skin feeling extremely smooth and clean. I think I will need to try this out a few more times before I can fully decide whether the magnet actually does help improve the skin or if it's just the high quality ingredients in the formula of the mask.

You can buy the Amour Noir Magnetic Face Mask HERE for £15.99.

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