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MAC Electric Wonder Collection UK Launch 4 April

MAC Cosmetics really seem to be bringing it on the packaging front this year. For summer they are releasing the limited-edition Electric Wonder collection with each and every item encased in a blush pink marble print with gold accents.

MAC Electric Wonder features five lipsticks and lipglasses, two eyeshadow palettes, a face palette, two brushes, two Iridescent Powders and an all-new bronzer formula designed to make the sun worship you back!

If you'd like to know more about the collection then come this way...

MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Eyeshadow X12 Desert Lightening - £39


  • Desert Lightening - Light yellow beige (matte)

  • Duabandita - Red with blue pearl (veluxe pearl)

  • Is It The Beat - Deep black (matte)

  • Retrospeck - Bleached blonde (lustre)

  • So Jaded - Seafoam green (veluxe pearl)

  • Deception - Cool medium brown (frost)

  • Fresh Innocence - Ivory forst warm white (frost)

  • Big Attitude - Dirty grey (frost)

  • Marzipan - Muted plummy taupe (matte)

  • Golden Brown - Golden brown (veluxe pearl)

  • Fool's Gold - Dirty olive gold (frost)

  • Brun - Mute blackish/brown (satin)

MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Eyeshadow X12 Natural Vice - £39


  • Diamond Butterfly - Silver white shimmer (frost)

  • Fab Accent - Soft nude (matte)

  • Desert Rose-Mance - Warm golden peach (veluxe pearl)

  • Cork - Muted golden brown (satin)

  • Sun Tweaked - Soft frosty pink (frost)

  • Pleasing To The Eye - Dirty mauvy pink (matte)

  • Magmatique - Warm reddish brown (matte)

  • Rebel Pebble - Cool deep muted brown (satin)

  • Struck Gold - Bright yellow gold (frost)

  • Valley Of The Goddess - Orange beige (matte)

  • Go Wilder - Pearly red brown (veluxe pearl)

MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Ignite Face Palette - £35

Six all new super-bright iridescent powders that promise to transform the face into a diamond of rare brilliance.


  • Girl Wonder - Peachy pink

  • Seven Wonders - Rose gold

  • Wonder Years - Warm berry pink

  • Wonder Who? - Soft champagne beige

  • Some Kind of Wonderful - Champagne gold

  • Any Wonder - Bronze

MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Iridescent Powder - £25.50

Pigmented and rich in ultra bright particles, it is designed to give the skin color and brightness and to enhance the summer tan.


  • Serenity Seeker - Warm gold

  • Into Eternity - Rosy pink

MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Next To Nothing Bronzer Powder - £23.50

Creamy and very light, Next to Nothing is transformed into a bronzing powder. Provides a boost of brightness to the skin thanks to its reflective micro-particles with a natural finish.


  • Canyon Dreamin' - Brown with a warm yellow undertone

  • Sun Soaked Strip - Brown with a red, light and warm undertone

MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Lipglass - £15.50


  • Marble Faun - White with gold pearl

  • Natural Freak - Bright yellow gold

  • Coral Of The Wild - Light corally nude

  • Rock Starz - Cool bronze

  • Make Me Mercurial - Berry with slight pink

Shades (LtoR) Coral Of The Wild, Make Me Mercurial, Marble Faun, Natural Freak and Rock Starz

MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Lipstick - £17.50


  • Feelin' Sedimental - Light corally beige (satin)

  • The Naturalist - Warm peachy nude (lustre)

  • Let's Mesa Around - Light bubble gum blue pink (lustre)

  • Life In Sepia - Muted mauvey brown (matte)

  • Natural Born Leader - Muted red berry (matte)

Shades (LtoR) Feelin' Sedimental, Let's Mesa Around, Life In Sepia. Natural Born Leader and The Naturalist

MAC Cosmetics Electric Wonder Brushes

  • 126SES Split Fibre Large Face Brush (£34.50)

  • 234SES Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush (£21.00)

MAC Makeup Electric Wonder Collection Summer 2019 - via Instagram: @myartistcommunitywestgateox

For me, the jewels in the crown product wise are the Face Palette and Iridescent Powders. Just a little FYI on the Iridescent Powders - there is not an over spray! I'm also curious to try out the new bronzer formula.

The MAC Cosmetics limited-edition Electric Wonder Collection launches HERE and in all MAC stores in the UK on Thursday 04 April 2019 - which is a full 2 months earlier than the rest of the globe!

Let me know which items will be on your list!?

Disclaimer: Launch dates and prices are correct at the time of publishing. This information is subject to change without notification at the discretion of individual brands and retailers which are beyond my control. Links in this post may be affiliate. They do not cost you anything extra but mean I make a small percentage from the sale. Honesty is key here, thank you so much for supporting FYI Beauty.

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