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Worth The Splurge? Natasha Denona Coral Palette Review

I've finally taken the plunge and made my first Natasha Denona purchase. What took me so long? The price! But, I couldn't resist the latest ND five shade palette and its coral colour story. So perfect for summer.

The Coral Palette features five shades in matte, metallic and sparkle finishes which you can mix and match to create flawless looks effortlessly. At £41 (£8.20 per shadow!!) is it worth the splurge? I have swatches and my thoughts to share with you so let's get to it...

Natasha Denona Coral Palette Review | FYI Beauty | UK Makeup News

Natasha Denona Coral Palette Swatches:

Natasha Denona Coral Palette Review | FYI Beauty | UK Makeup News

Natasha Denona Coral Palette swatches shades top to bottom: Kai, Lyria, Abalone, Dakota and Lola

Natasha Denona Coral Palette Review:

The packaging is simple but works well. I was surprised at the weight of the palette in hand - you can feel the quality. The pans are a really decent size. You get 2.5g of product per pan. You get three different formulas in the palette. All have very little kick back so is perfect for those who prefer to do their base before the eyes, they'll be no mess or cleaning up to do. The matte formula is smooth, creamy and blends effortlessly. It can easily be built up gradually to create your desired intensity. I start off with a bit at a time and build up as I go. The metallic shadows are intense, with rich colour-true payoff. The sparkle formula is sheer, with glitter but I don't find it gritty. The glitter is very fine and I'd consider it a grown-up way to do sparkle! The sheer base of the shadow helps the reflects of pink and lavender shine through. I have experienced no creasing on the lid when wearing the shadows.

If you aren't usually into brighter shades the colour story isn't something to be afraid of. It's not a traditional coral palette and it's been designed to be very wearable and work for all skin tones. I'm no rainbow wearing, MUA yet I can pull these shades off and create a coordinating look easily. My favourite combo is packing Lyria (a coral pink) all over the lid and then blending into the crease and under the eye. I then use my finger to put Kai (a metallic champagne pink) into the centre and then finally add Abalone (a duo-chrome pink and lavender) to the inner corner for a pastel pop. In fact, I love this look so much that it's the only palette I've reached for since I received it and even joined me on a bank holiday weekend away!

Natasha Denona Coral Palette Review | FYI Beauty | UK Makeup News

Natasha Denona Coral Palette Review | FYI Beauty | UK Makeup News

So, is it worth the splurge? Yes! I hadn't purchased the palette with the intention of reviewing it. I bought it simply because I wanted it, but I like it so much I had to tell you about it. I'm totally in love with the palette from the simple, travel-friendly size and packaging to the ease of creating looks. The formula - which is the true test is honestly now one of my favourites. The only problem is I'm now eyeing up other ND products I can't wait to try!!

If you're looking to dive in and make your first ND purchase (like myself) then there is no better place to start. If you are a high-end makeup lover you'll also equally enjoy this one.

The Natasha Denona Coral Palette is available HERE - where I also purchased this from priced £41.

Which are your favourite Natasha Denona products? (So I can get ideas and try them too).

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